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Tobermore Primary School, Magherafelt

Pancake Day

13th Feb 2018

P5-7 had a fun Pancake day! We got to make lovely pancakes and put amazing toppings on them!

Firstly we learnt about lent and why we have a pancake Tuesday at all. We then sorted out our equipment and  ingredients. We needed self-raising flour, eggs, milk, sugar, butter and syrup. To make our pancakes we used a whisk, a bowl, a sieve, a frying pan, scales, a measuring jug, a mixing spoon and a hot plate.

Each table took turns to make their own pancake batter and pancakes. Everyone had a go at doing something. Some people used the scales to measure the flour and the sugar. To day people in the class got to crack an egg for the first time. Others used the jug to measure the milk. Mrs O'Neill and Mr Dillon helped us with the measurements and adding the ingredients.

Mr Dillon poured the mixture into the hot griddle to cook our pancakes. We knew to flip the pancake when we saw bubbles. Some people had a go at flipping pancakes.

Everyone got at a pancake and was allowed to choose lots of different toppings.

Once we had our pancakes we had to work in our booklets writing about how we made our pancakes and the different methods we used.

At the end of the day our very own Mary Berry came to judge each tables pancakes. After a lot of pondering we found our winner for the day. Well done to Jack, Joshua, Tamzin and Tegan.

The day was great fun and everyone enjoyed the day.